Is It Ok to Give a Baby Formula When They Have a Fever?

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Is It Ok to Give a Baby Formula When They Have a Fever

Is It Ok to Give a Baby Formula When They Have a Fever?


You may have heard the saying, “Feed a cold, starve a fever”.  Your baby is the exception to this rule.

When your little one has a fever, sometimes eating is not something they want to do.  However, when baby formula is their only source of nutrition, it is important that they still try to eat something.



Why You Should Give Your Baby Formula When They Have a Fever


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When the internal temperature rises, your baby is at risk for dehydration.  Babies in general should not drink plain water until about six months old.  It fills their belly where there should be formula (or breast milk if you are nursing).  Only offer water if your little one is vomiting.



Baby formula provides your infant with the source of hydration as well as the nutrition that can help them get better soon.  Just because your child is sick, it does not mean you should water down or dilute the formula.  This prevents them from getting all of the nutrients they need to get better.


Other Causes

Just because your baby has a fever, it does not necessarily mean that they are sick.  Fevers are commonly caused by viral infections, but they can also be the result of shots and teething.  Not only will regular feedings with baby formula keep them strong during these feverish times, they can help bring the fever down.

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