April 28, 2017

Naty Diapers

Many other brands of eco-friendly diapers aren’t always transparent about the materials used to make their products and sadly, still use large amounts of oil-based plastics to produce their diapers. As one of the only manufacturers to declare their ingredients, Nature Babycare uses as many renewable materials as possible to produce their ECO by Naty diapers. With ECO by Naty diapers, you can “go green without giving up performance.”


Award Winning Organic Diapers 

ECO by Naty diapers come in a wide range of sizes – from newborn to toddler – and are favorites of parents and magazine editors around the globe. Naty diapers have received multiple awards, including:


Mumsnet Best – mumsnet.com

Excellence Award– My Child (AUS)

Best Eco Nappy – Junior Design Magazine (UK)

Gold Award – Nappies – Practical Preschool Magazine (UK)

Green Award for Outstanding Product – EcoBaby World (USA)

Editor’s Choice Award – TIPS Ltd. (UK)


Naty disposable diapers are endorsed by Sweden’s Asthma & Allergy Association, carry a two-star bio based rating by Vinçotte, and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.


Comfort and Performance 

Nature Babycare has spent more than 20 years perfecting the design of their diaper to create an eco-friendly diaper that performs just as well as popular brands of diapers. In the words of ECO by Naty’s founder, Marlene Sandberg, “If you want an eco-friendly diaper to be successful, it must perform at least as well as, or better than, the best traditional diaper.”


Naty diaper’s super absorbent core is designed to keep baby dry and comfy, and is one of the most absorbent diapers on the market. In a test by a popular baby gear website, Naty diapers scored a perfect 10 on the absorption level, even beating out non-green disposable diapers.


Naty Size Newborn -  Biodegradable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 1  - Biodegradable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 2 -  Biodegradable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 3 -  Biodegradable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 4 -  Biodegratable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 4 -  Ml Training Pull On Pants

Naty Size 5 -  Biodegradable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 5 -  Ml Training Pull On Pants

Naty Size 6 -  Biodegradable Eco Diapers

Naty Size 6 -  Ml Training Pull On Pants


The soft, biodegradable materials used to make Naty diapers won’t chafe or irritate your baby’s delicate skin, and unlike plastic based diapers, will allow your child’s skin to breathe. The top sheet is made of a non-GMO cornstarch film and the core is constructed of renewable wood pulp harvested from Scandinavian forests.



No Toxic Chemicals

Nature Babycare is committed to providing consumers with a disposable diaper made with as many renewable and natural products as possible. ECO by Naty diapers DO NOT contain:


  • Dixoins
  • Synthetic dyes
  • Tributyltin (TBT)
  • Phthalates
  • Chlorine
  • Fragrances
  • Latex
  • GMOs
  • Toxic chemicals
  • Oil-based plastics
  • Lotions


Wipes and Feminine Care

In addition to ECO by Naty diapers and pull up pants, My Organic Formula proudly offers Naty wipes and feminine care products. Naty wipes are made from responsibly harvested chlorine-free wood pulp, and are thicker and softer than ever! Designed to perform just as well as Naty diapers, you only need one baby wipe per diaper change. And, just like Naty diapers, you won’t find any parabens, fragrances or phthalates in these soft wipes.


ECO by Naty panty liners and sanitary pads are an excellent green alternative to popular brands of sanitary pads. Don’t expose your skin to harmful plastics and chemicals! Naty panty liners and sanitary pads offer superior protection without the use of oil-based plastics, fragrances, chlorine or synthetic dyes. At My Organic Formula, we carry the entire ECO by Naty feminine care line:



Naty Travel Pack Wipes- Unscented 

 Naty Sensitive Wipes- Unscented


Mommy Care

Naty Panty Liners- Large

Naty Panty Liners - Normal

Naty Biodegradable Nursing Pads

Naty Thin Sanitary Pads- Super

Naty Thin Sanitary Pads- Normal

Naty Thin Sanitary Pads- Night


For more information about ECO by Naty diapers, wipes, or feminine care products, please visit the Naty website.


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