Why Some Organic Infant Formulas Aren’t the Safest Option

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Organic Baby Formula

Why Some Organic Infant Formulas Aren’t the Safest Option

If you’re the parent of a formula fed baby, you were probably overwhelmed with the large selection of baby formulas. However, after doing some research, you chose an organic infant formula. But, not all organic formulas are the same. Just because a product is labeled “organic” does not mean it is necessarily the safest and healthiest option, especially when it comes to baby formula.

How do you know if your organic baby formula is safe? The easiest way to know if your formula is safe is to take a good look at the ingredient list. Some of the “questionable” ingredients to keep your eye out for, include:


Rice syrup or brown rice syrup solids

Rice syrup or brown rice syrup solids are basically refined sugars once digested. They have almost no nutrients and are high on the glycemic index.


Organic sugar (not specifically identified)

Any time you see the word sugar on an ingredient list, it’s an added sugar. Added sugars in formulas aren’t good and what’s even worse is that the type of sugar used is not identified, meaning it could be a sugar that’s high on the glycemic index.


Organic soy oil

Soy or soybean oil is a polyunsaturated fat linked to obesity in adults. It’s also high in Omega 6, which is an important fat. However, high amounts of Omega 6 have been linked to diabetes, arthritis, and inflammatory diseases.



DHA and ARA occur naturally in breast milk and are essential to the makeup of breast milk; however, synthetic DHA and ARA are a far cry from what’s found in mother’s milk. Synthetic DHA and ARA are extracted from algae or eggs with the use of harsh chemicals. The end product oftentimes contains traces of these chemicals.


Organic soy lecithin

Just like DHA and ARA, soy lecithin is extracted with the use of toxic solvents. Residue from these toxins can leach into food and contaminate them.


Why European Organic Formulas are Superior

If you’ve found some of these ingredients in your organic formula, it’s time to make the switch to a European made organic baby formula. Unlike organic formulas made in the U.S., they do not contain added sugars, genetically modified ingredients or highly processed ingredients.

Europe’s food regulation agency, the European Union, does not allow the use of many ingredients still approved by the FDA and holds formula manufacturers to standards closer to that of drug manufacturers.


Biodynamic Quality

European made formulas like HIPP and Babylove are made with biodynamic ingredients. What is a biodynamic ingredient? Biodynamic ingredients are sourced from biodynamic farms, which prohibit the use of pesticides, antibiotics, hormones, and hybrids. Biodynamic farmers allow livestock to feed on pastures and treat the soil, plants, and animals as one living organism.


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