February 21, 2018

Does Baby Formula Have Gluten

Does Baby Formula Have Gluten?

If you have a family history of gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you want to make sure that you provide your baby with the right diet for them.


There is a probability that breastfeeding can help prevent celiac disease because of the antibodies that are passed from mother to baby.  It is not definitive, but breastfeeding has its benefits for all babies and moms.  This is why it is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatricians.  However, gluten can still be passed through breastmilk.  For this reason, mothers have to change their diet in order not to pass gluten and the discomfort to their little one. 


A baby formula diet is more likely to be gluten-free.  However, it is important to check the ingredient list to make sure that there is nothing extra added that can irritate your baby's digestive system.


All of the formulas that are found on MyOrganicFormula are gluten-free.  Not only that, there are no other additives.


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